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Sample Queries

1. How can I find the scholarship surrounding St. James's Chronicle, the long running Protestant and anti-Tractarian weekly established in the mid-eighteenth century?
A: Search the title index for St. James's Chronicle. If you are uncertain about the spelling, then Browse the title index beginning at St or Saint. When you find the title, look in the Histories field for a list of articles and books on this periodical.
2. I remember the unusual name "Croom Robertson" as a contributor to a late century periodical, but do not know which. How can I find it, when I am not sure whether Croom is a Christian name or a Surname?
A: A Global Search for "Croom, Robertson" will look for every combination of those two names throughout the database, while a People Index Browse will turn it up under Robertson, Croom.
3. Did any anthropological journals exist in Victorian Britain?
A: A Subject Index search for "Anthropology" brings up 55 title of journals which either have Anthropology as their primary focus (such as those of the Anthropological Society) or as one of several subjects written about. This same results screen cross-refers me to "Ethnology" which lists a further 15 titles.
4. Which children's periodicals were being published in Oxfordshire during the decade of Alice in Wonderland? In London?
A: An Advanced Search for titles published on the subject of "Children", the place "Oxford" and dates "1860-1869" brings up 3 titles in Oxford, 1 in Bicester, OXFORDshire. Searching on London during the same period brings up 183 such titles.
5. My grandfather, William James North, lived in Nottingham in 1873. Were any street directories to that city published for that year?
A: An Advanced Search for titles published on the subject of "Directories" in Nottingham, 1870-1880, presents 11 records, of which one is Wright's Directory of NOTTINGHAM and 12 miles round, an annual running from 1868 to 1905..
6. Which publications were concerned with women and work?
A: A Global Search for "women and work" presents 122 titles, including the Handbook for Women's Work (1875), Female's Advocate, The (1838-1845), Industrial Art (1877-78), advocating "female employment in art designs and Industrial Technical Schools for women," and WOMEN and WORK; a weekly industrial, educational, and household register for WOMEN (1874-76) by Emily Faithfull.
7. I have heard that the British have always kept detailed port records for all ships entering and leaving each port, their origin, destination, owners, crew, cargo, refits, and so on. Where can I find such records?
A: A Global Search for the word "port" brings up 109 records; for "register and shipping" returns a list of 20 titles; for "maritime" brings up 39 records, including Mitchell's Maritime Register (1856-1922+) and The Weekly Shipping Record and Maritime Advertiser (1856), containing "an authentic record of the current Rate of Freights, Amount and Description of Cargo, Time of Departure, probably Time of Arrival, Amount of Tonnage, and all other requisite information; authentic and detailed record of ACCIDENTS, LOSSES, WRECKS, &c.; with full and succinct Reports of the proceedings of Committees of Inquiry and Investigation, as also all important LEGAL PROCEEDINGS instituted in connection with them. Elaborate Records of all ARRIVALS, VESSELS SPOKEN WITH, Vessels Detained from any causes; the Time of Departure and Destination of Vessels trading in every part of the Globe, with full and detailed descriptions of the Cargoes; Lists, in extenso, of all Ships Loading in London or the Outports.
8. The Edinburgh Monthly Magazine and Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine, published also in London, seem to have been related at one point. How can I find the details?
A: A Title Index Search for Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine provides the following comment on this title: "This journal began as the Edinburgh Monthly Magazine. However, a variant printing of issues 1-6 also appeared as Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine. It is possible that this latter title was retroactively issued as a result of a dispute. Apart from this and a trivial imprint variant of this issue, the two editions are identical. See the facsimile title pages for this record. In 1810 appeared the Edinburgh Monthly Magazine, not related to the 1817 publication of the same name."
9. Which music reviews were being published in Birmingham during 1846, the year of the Birmingham music festival where Mendelsohnn's Elijah oratorio premiered?
A: An Advanced Search for the subject "music", the place "Birmingham" and the date 1846 reports 22 titles, one of which is The Birmingham Music Examiner and Dramatic Review (1845-46), which claimed "the musical doings' of importance in Metropolis will be duly registered; and all musical matters belonging to BIRMINGHAM and the neighbourhood will be found in our pages." Theatrical performances will be fully criticised; and whatever is likely to improve the mind and cultivate the taste, will receive the greatest attention" (1:1, p.1)
10. Which Manchester papers reported on the Crimean War?
A: An Advanced Search on the Place of Manchester, Start Date 1854 and End Date 1856 brings up 121 titles. One of these is especially promising: The Daily War Telegraph and General Advertiser.
11. Women's fashions in the 1880's?
A: A Global Search for "Women, Fashion" comes up with 56 records, 41 of which have photofacsimile title pages. Some of these have illustrations of fashions, many others deal with fashions; OR, an Advanced Search for the subjects "women, fashion" and the years 1880 to 1890 brings up 452 records, of which one is Beauty and Fashion; an illustrated journal for men & women of the world.
12. I would like to browse the variety of Victorian organizations which published periodicals. How can I do that?
A: Browse the Issuing Body Index, beginning at any letter of the alphabet you wish. You will very quickly be introduced to the remarkable Victorian world of social responsibility with titles such as The Ragged School Union, The Society for Educating the Poor of Newfoundland, The Society for Bettering the Condition and Increasing the Comforts of the Poor, The Social Purity Movement. Similarly the many scientific, musical, anti-slavery, literary, mission, and humane societies, not to speak of the great range of mission societies, quickly provide a flavour of the culture.
13. Which anti-slavery periodicals were being published during the time of the success of Wilberforce's campaign to abolish the slave trade, with the Abolition of Slavery Act in 1833?
A: An Advanced Search for the Subject Slavery, the Start Date 1830 and End Date 1834 brings up a list of 72 titles.
14. Which newspaper was available in Seacombe during the 1860's?
A: A Global Search for Seacombe, a small town which seems not to have published its own periodical or newspaper, results in six titles. One is Birkenhead Advertiser and Weekly Intelligencer for Rock Ferry, Seacombe & New Brighton Districts (1858-1860).
15. How can I find the scholarship surrounding such titles as Punch and The London Illustrated News.
A: The Waterloo Directory... attempts (impossibly) to list all secondary material related to every title. So if you look at the pertinent record (using the Title Index) you will find a great many secondary items on each of these titles, although certainly not all of them.

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